Tuesday, April 01, 2008

easter mosaic

Just cause you asked (okay, so just Deb asked), here's the mosaic we made in worship on Easter.  It was fun smashing the old plates, and fun to put them together, too.  

This is the before-grout pic:

And after-grout.
At first, I was kinda bummed that it's hard to make out the cross, but I've grown to think I really like the way the cross is broken apart, sent out, re-made with our pieces.

(We used a water-based liquid-nails-like-but-less-toxic adhesive from the hardware store to glue the pieces on individually, so we didn't have to figure out how to spread mortar during worship, or keep in wet.  I'm pretty happy with how it all worked--remarkably smooth for involving 140 people in creating it during a "regular" hour-long worship gathering...  The lumpiness added significant challenge for my grouting work later, but I don't think it ended up too bad.  It's a bit lumpy, though--so it wouldn't really work well for a table surface.)


karen said...

Life's a bit lumpy, that adds to its beauty.

This was absolutely the most fun I've ever had in worship on Easter.

Thanks for letting me play!

Deb said...

That's awesome!!! thank you for sharing!! Did you do an outline ahead of time or a pattern you recommended or did it just happen that way? =)

feminist_mom said...

saving my broken dishes for next time you come home to make something..... in alaska there is a coffee shop that did the whole front like this with actual half of cups sticking out if i can find it sometime in my alaska pics! i love it and hard to believe you involved that many people in this activity.... glad the women enjoy breaking the plates too like Fried G tomatoes! luv, mom

molly said...

We really only put the white-ish parts on during worship--I drew a cross shape, which we filled first. Then people put their pieces in the corners. I added colors later to fill in the middle parts.