Saturday, April 26, 2008

at the end of the day

It all looks a little fuzzy and confusing.

My question of the night is: why haven't we come up with a better way of moving through legislative proposals than Roberts Rules of Order?  There's gotta be something better.'s a shot of one of my favorite passages in the book of proposed legislation.  It's a little blurry, but maybe that adds to the effect.  I took the shot around 10:30 tonight, before we spent another hour slogging on.
Here's the bus ride back to my distant hotel.

Now, sleep.

But first: a happy birthday shout-out to ForeverKC.  (Recognizing that, technically, it's not her b-day anymore, at least in Texas.  The party in California could still be going on.  But it would have to be without her, since she's partyin' down here at the ol' General Conference, too.)

My little bright moment of the day was the 10 minutes in which we took a "recess" from our formal meeting for the purpose of genuine discussion.  The tone of the meeting changed in our little sub-committee.  My desires that we would create more space in our definition of marriage and of what healthy, holy sexual relationships might be didn't come true, but the conversation was much better.  

I'll take what I can get...

Here's hoping for the Spirit's movement tomorrow!


Ryan said...

Keep pluggin away at it. It will get better sooner or later. Mark Trotter gave a very good sermon this morning at church. It was outstanding. And, he talked for around 25 minutes at the 8:00 service. :)

Say hi to my mom and Bill for me if you see them

feminist_mom said...

molly, thanks for being there for ALL OF US and i hope some of the young adults there can loosen up the uptight spirits.. and the holy spirit can flow through today. I heard about the free cell phones for some international folks and how that could take away community building etc.. i hope that the truth can set you all free today.. love, mom ps love the pics... i am downloading today and hoping to do transcribing!! spring is here!

revabi said...

Thank you for being one of our reps, going through the mire, etc. Prayers for all you are going through.

karen said...

Hey, thanks.

And thanks for the gift of the good witness you are making. I am convinced that the converations are FAR MORE important than the legislation!

Thanks, too, for finding the Flying Saucer. It was a fun place to celebrate!

Singing Owl said...

I had the same thought at our last general conference--why oh why can we not come up with something other than R's R of O for business? It's not Holy Writ, for crying out loud!

I'm praying for the Methodists this week.