Sunday, March 30, 2008

4 little thoughts

This Sunday night, my mind catches these three (okay, four) things:

-How did I never notice that there's a $.93 store on my street?  Ninety-three cents!?!?  I gotta believe this odd amount means that, with tax, everything is exactly a dollar.  Which makes it feel like a dollar store in a way that most aren't.  But kudos to them for unabashedly marketing it for just what it is: a $.93 store.  I love my neighborhood.

-Church community can be really beautiful.  There was a really nice moment for me in worship today, in the midst of one of our periodic bluegrass banjo-driven Sundays.  While singing "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?" the background images were a loop of stills from various pieces of church life that I put together a couple of years ago.  I noticed three beloved people who have died since making the loop; instead of feeling awkward, it felt really lovely, like we were in an unbroken circle, indeed.

-Our anemone moved this week.  I didn't know anemones could move.   Noticing it not in its usual location gave me a bit of a scare: I'm a little insecure about my ability to be faithful in aquarium custody during this deployment.  I worried something had happened.  Thieves, again, perhaps?  Rationally, breaking in to our house to steal an anemone seemed absurd; I'm not always given, immediately, to rationality.  But apparently, especially when their living conditions become adverse (as happens when I get a bit lazy in adding new water to the aquarium and the pumps and filters begin to create more splashing bubbles near the surface), anemones can pick up and relocate.  Somehow, that seems really hopeful to me.  I love resilience.  I also like the little alcove the anemone has claimed as home (and, consequently, the clown fish, too).  It feels cozy.

-Thieves, however, have found my dear husband's laptop.  How sad is it when someone's stealing computers and ipods out of the tents of Army Reservist training for deployment to Iraq?  That's just wrong.  And pretty sad that the personal belongings of folks in the military are not safe while they're in the U.S., on base.  The Army should give them a way to keep their things's not like they're getting paid so much they can just write off these things.


Marian said...

I'm still hoping the U.S. Army feels compelled to replace the stuff. I know it is unlikely... but I'm still going to hope about that.

feminist_mom said...

molly, thanks for the four reflections.... makes me sad for matt now to have his trusty laptop stolen -- his lifeline to home, and those he loves thru emails, photos and music to survive this war. I am hoping to send a care package to matt now and highlight his photos sunday at our forum. I go to get the large framed photo of the yellow flower tomorrow at allen's art gallery! and God bless your anemone, your dear husband & our dear daughter. luv, mom

karen said...

You won't believe this, but I actually NOTICED that the anemone had moved when I was over there. But, I didn't know anemone could move, so I didn't want to ask because I was afraid the answer would be that it had always been green.
I'm happy that Jackie and Nighty made the move to the new location happily.