Wednesday, April 23, 2008

order, a triptych

as viewed from my cellphone this week:
one last call for everyone to get in order and in line before a few days of leave from fort bragg before a deployment to iraq.
the beautiful natural order of waves coming into shore
in the form of a whole series of plenary votes, establishing the rules for general conference, voted with these orderly devices.

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feminist_mom said...

hey, thanks for views of your world at ft b, ocean waves reminding us of the rhythms of life and voting electronically at GC.... we hope you are getting used to your new world at GC and making friends, finding some harmon and also some ways to speak up to injustices and as a voice for others who have no voice.... sending love from NE, mom PS i hope do to TAG this weekend. Getting up my nerve... i do have five friends with blogs afterall.