Friday, April 25, 2008

some good moments

Just a couple pictures of fun folks I've found in Fort Worth.  (That's a lot of "f's.")  I haven't perfected how to aim my phone's camera, as you can see.  I did, however, enjoy being with all these good people today.

And I'm too tired to reflect any more meaningfully on the work of General Conference yet...

Keep praying for us!


RevErikaG said...

You're looking good, Molly!
Say "what up!" to JJ for me!
You are in our prayers!!!

Marian said...

Definately in our prayers!

feminist_mom said...

molly, sending love and prayers.... good karma.... will try to do my TAG to five unsuspecting people soon..... looks like some fun friends to balance out the long meetings, discussions at Gc..... love, mom

karen said...

Hey, that's JJ, me, Jeri AND Courney!

What fun!

And, I don't look nearly as tired as I felt.