Friday, June 05, 2009

like school

I just realized, with great delight, that my life once again has some of the things I most miss from school: friends that live nearby and come over often. When I left seminary, I grieved the passing of the time when I lived in the same complex as many loved ones (who even had been known to come into my apartment and make coffee before I was awake. Gee, I still miss Colleen). College was very cool that way, too.

So, leaving school, I assumed it was a quality of living that belonged to those times and places.

Sometimes I wonder how different my dear husband's school experience is, never having lived on campus.

In any case, now the two of us find ourselves in a lovely place, grateful for good friends who come by regularly. Or who let us come over to their houses (especially to play RockBand). Ah, the good life.

Thanks, friends.


On another subject (which connects in my mind, but may seem less obvious to you), I confess that I was checking out the statistics of who's been on this blog and learned that someone visited it after a google search for "how to make an invisibility cloak." How rad is that?!?