Wednesday, April 02, 2008

blessings and woes

I'm feeling particularly blessed today, having gotten TWO packages in the mail.  A little quilt giveaway I was lucky to receive from a delightful crafty blog I happened upon, and Party Girl, a most excellent movie from Liz in Nebraska by way of Krista in Connecticut.  And all this on top of the carrot-dill bread Marian and Wayne gave me the other night, which I'm eating as I type.  What a lucky girl I am!

And, I happened on this sobering, artful reminder of how much we consume.  Scary and breathtaking.

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feminist_mom said...

molly, sobering photos all right..... i am glad party girl made it from liz and krista to you.... that is GREAT! spring is coming to NE and i am preparing care packages for you and matt to different addresses of course.... so more packages will be a coming! love, mom