Friday, April 04, 2008


I have custody of Matt's aquarium during this deployment.  I didn't have to: he was all-out willing to get rid of the aquarium, so I wouldn't have to worry about it.  I objected, and insisted that I could figure it out.  I know he likes it, and I think it's pretty cool, too.  It's nice to come home to the glow of the aquarium light.  A little like Motel 6.

Then, the anemone moved, because I wasn't quick enough to add more water, and the bubbles formed by the inlet tube at the top were, like, traumatic for it.  

Now, I've pretty much killed the really pretty coral that swishes in the water currents that used to live near the top.  

I tried looking online, to see what might be going wrong--what I might be doing wrong.  Turns out there are lots of things that cause corals to turn white and get crusty: light, calcium deficiency, heat.  All grouped under a little heading the website called "stress."
So, my corals are stressed out.

Do you think sea creatures can emulate vibes in the house?

Others suggest I just blame it all on global warming.  I prefer to think I can blame it on Mr. Bush's stupid war.  Either way, I think this administration bears some responsibility.


Anonymous said...
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feminist_mom said...

molly, hoping to exchange stress for action again in my life.... and i hope i can get the word out on this new 21st century bill and get folks to write letters this week and write my own note to them and send out your note to friends ...... thanks for laying it out so well and we can hope the aquarium's of life have less stress and for YOU as well and matt, all the troops = love, mom

karen said...

Ryan and I are just hangin' out today if you have any ways we can help relieve the anenome's stress or yours.