Thursday, May 01, 2008

more moments from general conference

Yesterday, our votes to retain existing language about homosexuality were depressing.  It would be hard to choreograph a more wrenching moment that we had on the floor: after the vote, as reconciling folks stood in the balconies, the conference business went on to a report from the judicial council.  As the Secretary read the long report, people slowing began standing on the floor in solidarity.  And then voices from the balcony began singing "Jesus Loves Me," and it moved around the hall.  The layers of sound were incredible--the drone of a church mired in long technicalities, detailing out the ways in which its bodies would protect their own power, layered over voices from the margins, singing an affirmation of God's love.  Powerful.

Another powerful moment was when Ellen Johnson Sirleaf spoke.  It was truly beautiful, hopeful and a wonderful symbol of the best fruits of good mission and ministry, empowering people like her to be about the work of transforming the world.  As she leads Liberia in the wake of too many years of violent rule, she's building hope.
Here's our friend JJ getting interviewed by UMNews.  It's a good thing they interviewed today, after some healing and hopeful actions by Reconciling folks and by our Bishops.  We all had much better things to say today.
And, I ought to say thanks to Ken, who's been helping me start my days with a Texas waffle.  Who knew: they have waffle makers here that make state-shaped waffles.  Incredible.  


feminist_mom said...

sounds yummy..... off to lincoln to see friends PLUS steve earle and allison moorer in concert to lift my spirits. Glad that you and stephanie were there to witness history along with others on our behalf as well... and hopefully the black veils can lift to bring us some hope today with waffles and good music... love, mom
PS i watched the whole witness!

kjtownley said...

I actually heard a report on general conference and the vote on our Christian radio station yesterday?. I said a prayer for all involved. Texas has so much pride that I am not surprised there are state-shaped waffles. Would you ever see California or Nebraska shaped breakfast food? I don't think so : )