Thursday, May 15, 2008

a circle of sorts

I started writing this blog the same time my husband, Matt, returned to the US after his first deployment to Iraq.  Now, I feel like I've come around the turning of a cycle as he returns to Iraq again.  Today, he called to say that he's there, at Al Asad air base.  It looks like he's going to be somewhere other than where he'd though, way out west near the border with Syria, doing his best to stay sane and live in a way that is good, even in the midst of a bad war.

It feels different this time around.  Although the oddest things still make me weepy (and I sobbed at the video story of two college softball players who carried their opponent around the bases after she broke her leg during a home run), I feel a little less raw, and a little more generally sad.  I still struggle with how to make sense of being a loving spouse in the midst of deployment to such an awful war.  I guess it gives me more reasons to work for peace, however it comes.

Maybe I'd better go work in the garden.

Really, I need to clean my closet.  I'm moving my clothes into our bedroom, to make room in our extra room for my sister-in-law, who's moving in sometime in the next week.  I'm looking forward to having someone else around here, even if I'm a little scared of how to fit another person into a little house with too much clutter I just can't bear to get rid of...  Wish us luck.

Oh, and if you know what to do with lots of fuzzy green algae in a salt water aquarium, let me know.


feminist_mom said...

molly, dad says some kind of funding passed today for veterans, house of rep voted no funding for the war... and CA supreme court ruled on same sex marriage being ok but many challenges ahead.. go Pink Code, NE for peace and grassroots work for peace in our world and greening.... heading to lincoln tomorrow to see friends... you/matt are in our thoughts, prayers, lake breezes, love, dad has a good b day ------ mom

karen said...

I celebrate the many ways you find to give life to your love for Matt even during deployment.

In WWII they called garden's like yours victory gardens, perhaps during this bad war we should call yours a peace garden. I certainly find it peaceful there.

My prayers continue for you and for Matt and for all who are touched in any way by war. And my prayers, especially, continue for peace.

Peace, friend, and love.