Friday, May 23, 2008

my current musical infatuation

is with the Flobots.  Every since I heard that sickeningly catchy song, "Handlebars," on KROQ as I was driving to Erika and Joel's house last month, it's stuck in my head.  Now our radio stations seem to be playing it all the time.  So I downloaded the whole album, and I'm quite taken with it.    They're gonna change the world.

I like the verbal rhythms of it.  Like spoken word poetry (another hobby I mean to get into).  Maybe that hip-hop stuff deserves more of my time.

I mean, really:

Stand up
We shall not be moved
except by a child with no socks or shoes

It sings with a confidence that preaches the uncompromising love of God.  And there's a viola in the group.  Not a violin.  A viola.  And violas play in their own darn clef.

I think violas are gonna be my new metaphor for being "in the world but not of the world."  


Lea M. Booth said...

So it's two in the morning, I'm still working after fourteen hours, and you just made me laugh out loud. There's something intrinsically hysterical about metaphorical violas at 2:00 AM, apparently.

feminist_mom said...

have to check out the flobots and what a good message they have.... and have to love those cellos, violas and french horns..... plus the flutes and blue grass! love, mom
PS want to meet at Red rocks for the true colors tour july 5?