Friday, March 14, 2008


I'm pretty excited about the newly-enriched, freshly-dug-up soil in my yard today.  I think my tomato seedlings are dreaming of their days ahead out here, too.  
It's come a long ways from what it was when we moved in: pavement.

What vegetables (or fruits, perhaps?) do you think would be most wonderful, beautiful and tasty in this front yard garden?


David said...

Things in bounty that you are not afraid to share. A fruit tree or two that will get taller as the days go by. And assorted colors.
Of course you could build some racks for hanging tomatoes, and such. Some yellow squash is always a winner. Zucchini too. Corn draws attention. A few flowers make for great interest too.
Though with the poles it looks like you are going to surround it with some fencing - see through? short/tall?

Anonymous said...
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molly said...

Ah, the fence. There will be metal panels with simple horizontal bars.

This fence question has been an ongoing struggle for me. When we moved in, there was a six-foot chain link fence. This was not my idea of a lovely fence, and am not I a big fan of fences, in general. I covered it with leafy vines as much as possible. We did, however, notice that homes with fences have significantly lower rates of graffiti vandalism in our neighborhood.

So, the fence stayed up. Not as our dream barrier, but as what we had. It didn't lock, but looked like a barrier.

We've had people break in and steal things from our house or garage 3 times now (once in the time that the fence was down completely during new fence construction), and so we've talked about better options for security. Not being a big fan of elaborate security systems, we settled on a fence that really locks, but is mostly see-through. Not to close ourselves off to the neighborhood, but also not to invite folks to help themselves to our things without our permission.

I love that the garden is visible to passers-by, and am kind of excited to have a fence that I don't feel the need to totally cover with leafy vines.

molly said...

Vertical. I meant the fence will have vertical bars.

I shouldn't write while lying on the couch. My perspective gets wonky.

feminist_mom said...

i would go for fruits... and of course some flowers... fruits and flowers are my fav.... a tree or two but not to block out the sun.... as i found out last year that you need sun for tomatoes!! Tomatoes make GREAT salsa which i love and enjoy all the of it, mom
ps the cranes are in ne and tulips, irises are emerging... will send a pic!! snow and ice are gone!! sunny days are here again!