Saturday, March 01, 2008

little things and big things

Matt's pick of how to spend our last whole day together before deployment was a hike.  It was beautiful.  There was a good amount of water in the river--enough to make some waterfalls--and little things were growing and budding and thriving.

spring buds
in the valley, these buds were growing on beautiful orange and red branches in the wide part of the river.
rocks and mosses
Up higher, in the cracks of the rocks that run down to the river, mosses and things and something a lot like an onion were growing.
the group
Here's our group, at our furthest-up point.  It's good to be together, in the beauty of these places.
This Live-Forever reminded me of the tenacious power of life to hold on.  If it's making it in just a little crack on the side of a vertical rock, we can all make it through this deployment (even if it's to a war that feels ill-conceived, at best...).

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feminist_mom said...

molly, dad's favorite day after matt leaves adventure is his first day of golf in NE since oct... long winter!

My thing is taking a day off and finding some spots in germany where bernhard vetter MIGHT have lived in Wurtemberg. His obit says Wurtemberg and more family clues for his wife mary too from Lincoln this week...

and time for a walk in our yard with the lawn emerging, our lake turning to water again and a trip to town. The hike looks like a great way to spend your last day together in a while. our thoughts are with all of you and pics are coming! love, mom Ps the one plant looks like hen and chicks!