Tuesday, March 11, 2008

strange things growing

I finally dug my carrots this past week.  It turns out that they were looking a bit mutant.  Perhaps this is what happens when you don't do a good job preparing the soil down deep before you plant?
I think they look like little, headless carrot creatures, with big, thick tails.


But, then, it's been a strange week.  Some expected and some new--and several days of reporting for jury duty.  The prospect of being on the jury for a murder trial was sobering, but the long hours of waiting to get into the courtroom made for good reading time.  I escaped via the pages of "Friday Night Knitting Club," and enjoyed the diversion.

Now, my trick is going to need to be to stop thinking of new projects and focus on the ones I've already started. 

I spend made a quick trip to Sacramento this weekend to get a bit more time with Matt.  Unfortunately, my visit to him came with a sit through a "family briefing" courtesy the US Army.  I'm no fan of such things, nor can I stomach the way they refer to Matt as "my soldier."  I don't want a soldier, nor do I want to possess my husband.  The upside is that I got to meet some of the folks he'll be spending the next months with in Iraq; somehow, making it through seems more possible when there are real (even, sometimes, delightful) people involved.

Work is continuing here at the house--all the concrete (except for the driveway and front walk) is now taken out, and someone's coming on Friday to dig up the dirt and add in compost.  Perhaps so my carrots will be less mutant next season.  Here's hoping.  Then, soon, I can plant vegetables!

Oh, and my papaya seeds finally sprouted, which gives me great hope.  I'd thought they were too old and dried out.


Krista S. Givens said...

hey!!! I think the blog looks great. I like the new template - did you manipulate an existing template or make your own??

and your carrots?

so cool.

molly said...

I mostly used an existing one, adding my own banner and raising the proportion of orange on the page. ;)

I'm hoping to Skype you soon--thanks for your call!

feminist_mom said...

molly, love your new blog design... and seeing your crazy carrots..... good luck in this big transition now and taking care of the fish, fence, garden etc. Good you have growing things all around u.. love, mom ps sending some cranes from NE soon

Marian said...

Those mutant carrots were awfully tasty in stirfry, though. Wierd looking, but tasty!