Saturday, February 02, 2008

the pics

I found the camera cord.  It was in the garage all along.

So, here are my illustrations to yesterday's post, and a few more for kicks.

I'm having fun quilting woven woolens.  Here are the first (and only, so far) 2 blocks.
This is the quilt I was given, my inspiration.
And, for fun, here's what it looks like to watch a football game at our house.  Of course, we San Diegans know the big game was 2 weeks ago.  Super Bowl, Schmuper Bowl.
And, we got to celebrate a birthday after watching the game.  To help lift our spirits after our loss.
Good times.

And, apparently the Army has some small amount of reason in some corner; Matt's coming back from NorCal tonight, as they got all the things they needed to do done.  :)

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feminist_mom said...

hey molly, i love your new log cabin quilting in woolens and your new "graced" lap quilt!!.. you might need to come to NE to find more woolens and wooley sweaters? or ND or MN? I have a pic to send of a combo of woolens and a bit of rug hooking.... will show you my little tiny first rug in progress too if i can get a pic! And now we have a little rug hooking group at our church ... they have invited me in! Your party looks fun, warm and cozy. We are working on getting well. love, mom PS KD Lang has a NEW CD with a great Hallelujah song.. she was on GMA today.. the CD is WATERSHED. First one in 8 years! We watched Sicko last night... amazing movie! Joan Baez is for Obama on Commondreams today and i am getting behind him as i don't think hillary is electable. I found some POP BEADS to send!