Tuesday, February 12, 2008

creating comfortable things

The last two nights, I've been engaging my crafty side; it feels good to make projects I've been thinking about for a while.

While I was sewing at our kitchen table last night, we heard gunshots in the neighborhood.  I don't think Matt was the only one to call the police.  In minutes, our street was full of police cars and a helicopter overhead; a man was found, killed by gunshots, in the alley on our block.

It felt a little surreal to sit at the sewing machine, stealing glances outside to watch as news crews set up to film in our driveway.  But, I suppose, sewing is a decent response to violence in the world.  Creating, generating, making all feel like fine alternatives to destroying, ending, tearing apart.

Here's half of what I made yesterday--an apron from one of Matt's old jeans legs.  I made him one from the other leg, too (though with less fruit sewn on).  Since we're cooking more, it seemed like maybe we could use aprons.  The binding and ties are from an old sheet I got at the thrift store last week.
And here's what I made tonight: a pile of pincushions, inspired by Betz White's design of a cupcake pincushion.  Fuzzy sweaters and images of sweets--what could be more comforting?
We checked in with the neighbors today; no one knows who it was in our alley.  And we all want to live in communities where these things don't happen.


NE/ME said...

Here's to living in a community where these things don't happen! And here's to NO to the death penalty! Love your projects. I used to be a real "apron" person - always wore one when I cooked. Got to get back into it - no more wiping hands on my clothes!

karen said...

Gandhi took to spinning both as a spiritual practice and a symbolic act.

I like your crafty spin on things.
Maybe you could share the "cupcakes" with neighbors who were touched by the violence, too.

Love the apron. Maybe the crafty group/class/whatever you imagine cooking up for church could include a how-to class on how to transform thrift store finds.

And thanks for all the Woo-hoo etymology over at kc's place. Maybe*I* should trademark Woo-hoo!

Marian said...

Those pin cushions are super cute. Sorry to hear about the shottoing. That's a bit disconcerting.

feminist_mom said...

wow.. i guess they even have shooting in oj simpsons hood... but still very shocking and unsettling even from NE... and how about you get sewing machines and get a place to start women sewing such items or maybe that makes it too much like a warehouse.. only thinking of ways to teach folks how to garden, embroider, sew and ways to collaborate or have TEA and sip tea too. peace and see you soon... still in shock from val's surprises. i have one of mom's old aprons and wear it and love them myself.. love the yellow!
Or creating real cupcakes too or fiber ones are great too.

feminist_mom said...
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