Friday, February 01, 2008

making it

We finally got news of my dear husbands upcoming deployment, like for real.  And, his departure will come at the end of this month.  For the last few days, we've both been moving much slower than usual.  Funny how depression makes you feel so, well, like someone's pressing down on you all the time.  But we're making it.  This weekend, he's off in NorCal, meeting with the group of folks he'll deploy with.  Filling out paperwork and getting shots and all that.  

So, to rally my spirits, I finally got myself to work on some of the crafty project that have been swirling around in my mind for the last many weeks.   Making things has been good for my spirit.  I took pictures, but can't find the cord to download them--I have this hunch that it's in the computer bag Matt took up north.

So, you get to use your imagination.  I make two squares that hope to be part of a quilt of some kind--a free-styling log cabin block, made out of repurposed wool.  Perhaps, if I like the quilt pattern, it might also make itself into a baby quilt for a baby-to-be that I'm ecstatic about.  Also, I had my first mostly-success in remaking a big t-shirt to a fun, fitted style.  It still needs something, but I'm not quite sure what tonight.  Maybe inspiration will come tomorrow.

Really, all the quilt-making inspiration was spurred on by a beautiful gift I received this week.

On Thursday morning, I felt my usual mix of tiredness and uncertainty (amplified by the above-mentioned depression) about whether I really wanted to get myself down to the Rescue Mission for my weekly Bible study with the women there.  And, as usual, when I finally got myself there, it was beautiful and full of grace.  This week, in addition to Bible study grace, there was a kind woman I've enjoyed for a long while now, who gifted me a lap quilt she made.  "For you and your house," she said.  "It's earth tones.  I know you have an old house--I thought it might match."  And, she's right: it's perfect in our house.  It's such a gift to have my hesitance met with overflowing grace, embodied in a homemade gift.


Marian said...

I'm sorry to hear about Matt's upcomming deployment. Wayne and I will be giving you a call later.

feminist_mom said...

molly, we can only hope some great wool log cabins come out of this angst of matt's deployment now and maybe a baby quilt, some gardening or new adventures .... and we send our love from NE. We are sad that matt has to go to IRAQ again and leave his classes. WE might have to come out and do a gardening project, art projects or help finish the garage in between things... or sit on the beach or go to OB... or see the sunset on the ocean again. love from snowland, in my new etsy purse you made and the lap quilt is an amazing gift! My gift was Olga's Hearts of Hope Quilt for our AIDS weekend... we will start adding hearts tomorrow and names for those who want to show support for persons with HIV AIDS and ministries etc.

Orangeblossoms said...

prayers, Molly, prayers for you and Matt.... I am so sorry that this has become real again. So sorry.