Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I love Ash Wednesday.  It seems so gloriously simple and honest--confession and grace.  Humility, and a reminder that we're all made of dust, and we'll go back to the dust.  

And this Lent, Matt and I have agreed to take on a practice we hope will help shape us in good ways: we're giving up eating in restaurants and taking up cooking for ourselves (and, hopefully, others!)  We even make our first several-day meal plan.  

I don't think I've ever gone more than about 4 days in San Diego without having at least one bean and cheese burrito from a drive-thru.  I also can't remember the last time we cooked more than 2 meals at home in a week.  This could be big.

If we also live into our hope of eating more locally, it'll also mean we can make use of all that deer meat in our fridge...and the chard in our yard.

Here's hoping...


NE/ME said...

I like your Lenten "breaking bread together" focus/devotion. Good luck and we look for recipes... Sending prayers for you and Matt from Lincoln. Liz

Marian said...

Hope our dining out ban is going well. As for us, one day down and 44 to go. :)

Orangeblossoms said...

Deer meat? Wow. I think I didn't realize how self-sustaining you all have the potential to be.

As you know, I love Lent, too. It almost undoes me --the whole imposition of the ashes and the remembering of our relationship with the body, the earth, each other, and God. LOVE IT.

molly said...

Ah, yes. Deer meat. Matt has become a bow hunter, and his bounty fills the freezer. Good, local, scrub sage fed Laguna Mountains deer.

Some fish in the freezer from a deep-sea fishing adventure, too.

I guess we've fallen into really old gender roles: he hunts, I garden. Good thing he cleaned the tub and did laundry this week, or I'd really be worried.

KristaBeth said...

Good Luck! A couple years ago Gary and I made an intentional effort to eat more homemade meals and it stuck. We still go out, but not as often. We have to work on the 'eating locally' thing, though. But what is local in New England this time of year? Snow cones??

Many blessings to you and Matt!

karen said...

For the first time in several years, I received my ashes as congregation member, and was filled with the same awe and yet a different awe at the truth and grace and, even, contentment with self despite self that these truths and promises bring.

Missed being at FUMCSD, though.