Monday, July 28, 2008

santa fe

I'm spending this week in Santa Fe, at the Glen Workshop at St. John's College.  Suddenly immersed in both the clear air and stark beauty of northern New Mexico and in this gathering of artists and people of faith, I'm grateful for this retreat from the busyness of my summer.  A restorative follow-up to conferences filled up with church politics and strategy, this week may help both empty me out and make space for creativity.  Here's hoping.

This first morning's plans were changed by flight delays for the seminar leader, so I got a morning to explore Santa Fe.  The New Mexico Museum of Art was full of beautiful treasures, including a luminous Judy Chicago piece that's still vivid in my memory.
Lunch was tasty.
And I enjoyed walking the labyrinth under the wings of a dancing St. Francis, outside the cathedral.
Plus, I found an exquisite local chocolatier, whose work brought great delight.  :)


DogBlogger said...

Beautiful! Wish I were there. I do know of another RevGal or two in the area this week, if you're interested in a meetup.

Anonymous said...

Aw, I love Santa Fe--or, I loved it the last time I was there, maybe a dozen years ago. Have fun!

feminist_mom said...

loved the dancing st francis and thanks for the inspiration.... feeling rather drained from church things myself with a TUMC talent show coming sunday..... happy cont ed and travelling, feeding your soul! love, mom
PS what kind of camera do you have now?