Sunday, August 03, 2008

thankful for creation

I'm just back from my week at the Glen Workshop in Santa Fe, and am very happy for a chance to give time and space to creating beautiful things.

Few things embody joyous possibility like fresh, quality art supplies.  So this has been a good week.  And, since I like to think that one of the coolest things about God is the endlessness of beautiful possibility toward which s/he draws us...well, I guess that makes it even better.

It also helped that I got to hang out in the midst of natural beauty and the wide open spaces of the Santa Fe area.  With lovely flowers and a whole lot of beautiful people.

I was a part of a seminar led by Tim Rollins, whose artistic work embodies social transformation and beauty, together.  It felt pretty rad to create things together with him.  

Nearly as rad as it is to remember my own call to be a co-creator of God's kingdom, with the help of the Holy Spirit and the beloved community around us all.


karen said...

I love the flowers and the Spirit and the words AND, as always, the reminder to co-create with God/Christ /Spirit for the continuing transformation of the world!

feminist_mom said...

hey, keep doing your art and i love your new watercolor paints and the new flowers growing on your papers..... time for getting out water and colors now this fall, and good you could get a week of creation again.... and renewal of spirit, love mom

feminist_mom said...

i hope we can paint together soon and i am glad you enjoyed the class and what great looking paints! i figured out how to get a pic on my blog name! love, mom