Thursday, July 03, 2008


I'm pretty excited about the bananas forming in my backyard.  They're beautiful, and bear promise of tastiness.
I'm also having fun with buckets full of apricots from my family's tree.  I'm feeling better about my pie and jam-making skills, as I get more practice.  And, it's all quite tasty.

Plus, I've been delighting in other sweet things lately, including:
Matt's thoughtfulness, even from a distance, on our anniversary.
Others remembering and honoring our anniversary, too, with calls, flowers, gifts and their presence.
Good meals shared with friends, both new and old.  Even better, they've lately been made with things grown very nearby.  In the past week, my extroversion and love of company has been met with lots of visiting friends and invitations to be with others.  Sweet.
A request for prayer from someone who I know I disappointed and frustrated early in my pastoral ministry here; her asking for me to pray with her delivered to me a grace that I was hungry for.

And, I have a new computer, replacing the one stolen last week.  It's good to be back with a Mac.  


St. Casserole said...

Lovely blog!

Growing apricots sounds great.

feminist_mom said...

love the growing purple bananas and the way people have showered you with love lately... my first day lilies are blooming in NE summer, love, mom in NE ps the chilterns look great in England for j hiking!

Kelleyness said...

Molly, I saw your blog from the CST Bloggers website set up by Karen Ristine. I'm a fellow CST graduate. I'm starting a new job today and am feeling tremendously nervous. One of the ways I take comfort is by reading blogs because it makes me feel connected to people. But I was hoping someone posted something new...but no one did. So I clicked on yours.

And it made me smile. Thank you for your postings. I read about your bananas, the bikers, Redlands (I was there for the ordination ceremony), and more. And I felt a kindred spirit with you as I too am an extrovert. I have made my friends among introverts, and it's nice to hear how someone else loves company, conferences and so forth.

Thank you for your words. They were a welcome surprise of comfort on this day of newness.


Lea M. Booth said...

I miss things that grow!