Sunday, December 02, 2007

needles and pins

When I was a kid, and Mom was teaching me how to sew, she always warned me to be careful that I didn't catch my finger in the needle.  It seemed impossible to me that a person could sew her finger.

After this weekend, I'm a believer.  I hurts a whole lot to sew your finger with a machine.  I don't recommend it.

So, as of this past Friday night, I've renewed my commitment to pinning what I sew.  I will no longer grow lazy and just try to use my fingers to keep things together.  Really.

Crafting can be dangerous.  Darn dangerous.


Orangeblossoms said...

dangerous AND bloody!

Hope it heals soon!

Krista Givens said...

man, sewing is dangerous!!! but to see the little smiling monsters appear out of old sweaters. Isn't it all worth it? happy sewing.

feminist_mom said...

so sorry to hear of your accident.... it is sortof like my problem when my sewing machine caught on fire making maternity clothes...

i think i was burning out literally and it was a sign from God but i did get alot of them sewed for teaching and it saved us a lot of money and love your sweater creatures..... they are lovely and so happy looking.... i think it is marketable or maybe just for little friends. peace and love, mom ps hope you have a good tetanus shot! How did you get your finger out?? OUCH!