Friday, December 14, 2007

complaints about the army #291 & #292

With news that my dear husband is really almost certainly deploying in January, I share two of my current complaints, neither of which really addresses my broader and deeper frustration with war:

# 291-Though the nice ads on television suggest that joining the Reserves while going to college is a fantastic idea, that has not been the reality I've seen.  In five years in the Reserves--six by his anticipated return from Iraq and exiting of the Reserves--my dear husband will have completed four semesters of college.  He has enrolled every semester possible since he joined.  That's two out of six years.  Which is remarkably less than his hopes or expectations, and less than the touching ad suggested.

#292-Though our government already rightly noticed that it seems unfair that Reservists who serve long deployments should not have access to the same GI Bill benefits as active duty military folks, and opened up this benefit to Reservists, they do so ONLY while Reservists are IN the Reserves.  Not after they've left.  And, as mentioned in complaint #291, it's difficult to actually complete semesters of schooling WHILE in the Reserves, making this benefit, well, not very beneficial.  

Not that I'm bitter.

Don't even get my started on how KBR (who we're playing lots of money to provide services that, in previous wars, were provided by military personnel) burns the plastic plates they serve our soldiers on, and lets the smoke from their burning plastic trash drift through the barracks they set up for soldiers to live in.  Wrong in SO many ways I lose track.

And, of course, all this does nothing to express the complex immoralities of a war of occupation, or the unthinking cost of human lives--mostly Iraqi--in this war. Among other things.


Plus, I just really don't want to have to live without my husband for another long piece of time.


feminist_mom said...


My complaint from NE is that it is just NOT RIGHT or NATURAL.... war or deploying, or being without your spouse for your first anniversary, birthdays, regular days, bad days and good days... or your fourth anniversary or your grandfather's memorial service, mother's day or to get your new books in january and going to classes.... which is why folks sign up and I think our Pres and VP should go in place of matt so he can go to school next semester. And what is up this those burning plastic trays plus the inhumaneness towards humanity it sets loose! I even saw an ad a year ago where you could get a FREE watch for signing up for the army. Don't they even give you a watch? love, mom in NE feeling the pain! I bet you are going to create lots of great purses and stuffed stars and shapes this next nine months molly... and what is up with that 99 mos in matt's email? we love you both and send love, peace and some signs of hope for this next year.. maybe the anemone says it all.

KristaBeth said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Matt's probable deployment in January. You are in my prayers. Happy Advent and Blessed Christmas.