Wednesday, December 05, 2007

in the cracks

This summer, when we were working on making our backyard more delightful, Matt hacked away at this giant plant that was growing in the little space between the back of our shed and the fence.  We wanted to be able to keep some tools and things there.

I noticed that it was a poinsettia.  I was a little bummed that it had been hacked away (though glad for more storage space.)

Last weekend, while looking for a shovel, I went behind the shed again.  The poinsettia has returned, this time in Christmas bloomin' splendor.

It's not easy to get around to see it, but there it is, flourishing away in a narrow canyon of metal and concrete.  It must be 10 feet tall.
Lots of little blooms are growing, too.
I take this as a good sign.

It's been a week of grand discouragement, frustration and outrage.  My dear husband was told he's on a list to re-deploy to Iraq, as an Army Reservist.  In January.  Next month.

His local commander is trying to get him off that list.  But only so he can go with that commander in September.

Now, I know that it's not unreasonable to imagine that anyone anywhere near the reach of the military would be called up to deploy.  It just really, really sucks when it's your beloved life partner.  And a war that you hate so much.

I had harbored hope that he could make it through 'til he's able to get out of the active Reserves next November, without another deployment.

So, we're waiting anxiously, to hear if he's really on the January list.  And then imagining how we're going to live in this little space between now and his departure.

I hope it looks even a smidgen as lovely as that poinsettia.


karen said...

Beautiful poinsetta and beautiful post, both thriving and growing through cracks and crevices and even the chasm of war.

You and Matt have been and will continue to be in my heart and in my prayers.

My first prayer is a prayer of thanksgiving for the discovery of this poinsetta.

karen said...


I meant to write poinsettia.

Orangeblossoms4Peace said...

prayers. you have my prayers....

feminist_mom said...

we are really bummed in NE about this but we hope that matt can get onto that sept list instead. The red flower is a sign of hope and snow in NE with more coming... looks like Christmas My email is not working so this is the next best thing. I think we need the peace of christmas for our world. love, mom PS liz comes today and i love your etsy site. Might go shopping there... similar bags at an PW Art gallery are $200!

Krista Givens said...

Sorry to hear Matt may be leaving soon. Such a bummer. I feel for you both and will pray for you.