Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I got excited by this article, which told me that invisibility cloaks might could actually come to be!

Though I still treasure the moment when Colleen and I ditched a seminary class one Halloween to go to JoAnn's Fabrics to buy shiny silver material so I could sew my effective-only-with-a-good-imagination invisibility cloak for Joel's birthday. The woman cutting the fabric asked, so pleasantly, "What are you making?"

"An invisibility cloak," I answered, enthusiastically.

She was suddenly silent.

"Like from Harry Potter," I added.

After another moment of silence, she simply noted. "I still don't get it."


Amanda said...

Molly- I've so been fantasizing about an invisibility cloak in recent days. Really. The other day, I was walking up Mass Ave from Harvard Square thinking all about Harry Potter and how wonderful it would be to shroud myself and become invisible. I am SO with you. -Amanda

Krista S. Givens said...

hehehehe... that made me laugh.

karen said...

I didn't have a cloak, but one of my practices as a reporter was to be as invisible as possible.

Sometimes it worked really well;
other times, not so much.

eshams said...

Ditching seminary class to make an invisibility cloak--that was a good day. Thanks for bringing it back to mind, Mols.

feminist_mom said...

i think i will wear one to church next sunday....... thanks molly, and i remember a statue of liberty cloak too! and a witch cloak, thinking of a rainbow cloak to make too, love, mom