Sunday, June 01, 2008


It's Sunday evening, and I have no deep theme to weave through this series of thoughts, except that they're all outside:

1.  I had fun making some preparations for a baby shower for rad friends who are having a baby, preparations which including dyeing some baby clothes for later decoration.  I love dye baths.  And color! 
2.  My passionfruit vine is blooming crazy now.  I'm anxious to see when it will make fruit.  I still think it's a most outrageous bloom.
3.  I'm still a bit stressed about fuzzy green-ness in the aquarium, and grateful that part of my attempt at being proactive about reducing algae involves going to the la jolla to get ocean water out of a swell spigot by the scripps pier.  I like living near the ocean, and think it's pretty lame that it takes a water-gathering errand to get me there.
4.  The sunflowers have started blooming, and bear many, many signs of exciting bloom to come.

Perhaps these are all good reminders to counterbalance the temptation to play with the Wii my new roommate brought to the house...  ;)

I'm also enjoying ponder what it looks like to create digital puppets, thanks to tantalizing explanations from a friend at the above-mentioned baby shower.  He's working on Sid the Science Kid, which just looks pretty darn rad.  Real puppeteers and computer generated puppets.  WILD!!!!  

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feminist_mom said...

love Sid the science kid and we might have to use this link for our POWER LAB VBS?? Love your dyes and hope the salt water helpss... and get our your boogie board and head to the beach! But beware of the sharks! Our beach is disappearing with the high water in NE! HELP! love, mom