Saturday, June 14, 2008

garden progress: june 14

Not that you asked, here's what the front yard garden is looking like this weekend.  :)

I'm quite pleased that the daisies I started from seed last year are blooming.  Mom and I have a long and lovely history of daisy-growing, and of transporting them from house to house at moves.  Maybe these particular plants will have such an illustrious story to share, one day.  (Not that I'm planning to move anytime soon.  I'm just thinking long-long term.)


DogBlogger said...

Lovely stuff! We haven't planted any flowers at all, but I did finally post pics of our garden.

feminist_mom said...

hey molly, yes we have moved manya daisy around.... i will do my next blog on daisies i think from my new garden in progress..... tons of weeds from the rain and being gone too! love, mom