Monday, June 09, 2008

flickr meme: all about me

I am unable to resist this meme, which invites folks to answer some simple questions, and then search flickr with those words as the search string. From the first page of search results, here are my picks:

1. Little Painter Molly, 2. Chicken Enchilada Stack, 3. bulldog bus!, 4. Cute Tiger Moth Caterpillar, 5. Right before Jon shook my hand., 6. WIRED, 7. New York, NY, 8. Isaac tries a ice cream, 9. Word Clash _0722, 10. 133: SOTTS will make you jump!, 11. Bliss, 12. Transport

Name: Molly
Favorite Food: enchiladas
High School: North Platte High
Favorite Color: orange
Celebrity Crush: Jon Bon Jovi
Favorite Drink: coffee
Dream Vacation: New York City (at least, it's my dream vacation for today. with Matt.)
Favorite Dessert: JP Licks ice cream
What I want to be when I grow up: spoken word poetry queen
What I love most in life: grace
One word to describe me: brilliant (and humble?)
My flickr name: Mali's just west of Niger (I had to search for just mali, west and niger, 'cause my whole name turned up nothing)

made with this cool flickr tool


karen said...

NYC is my dream vacation, too, with Ryan!
I'd try this meme, but I fear naming my celebrity crush would be as perilous as naming my dream serenade.

Marian said...

WoW! This is fun; how do I make one?

molly said...

i just put the link at the bottom of the post. :)

then, search away on flickr and make your own collage!

Ryan said...

When are we going to NYC, Karen? It will have to be before I leave in December? I am thinking September/October would be a good time to go!


karen said...

Big Ryan is pretty funny!!!