Tuesday, October 17, 2006

i am not alone!

this blog-o-world is crazy. with just a click of a button, i discovered that there are MORE THAN FORTY people willing to list "Rubin and Ed" as a favorite movie.

shear insanity.

but, somehow, the world feels warmier, friendly, cozier.


karen said...

may i also offer crazier?

(editor in my head offers: "more crazy" but I just sent her for coffee)

how many of them also listed cats as their favorite pet?

RevErikaG said...

And here I thought you were the ONLY person in the world who'd claim this movie as favorite....wacky world!
The real question is, do any of these Ruben & Ed lovers have a personalized, transcribed script of this movie like you do????

Marian said...

Which button did you push? I can't figure it out and I want to find all the people who like my favorite movie, too.