Thursday, October 26, 2006

Happy Warholidays?

I read today in the NYTimes that Warhol is hip this year. A marketing genius, all these years after his early death.

"'But Andy wasn’t pseudohip,' Mr. Doonan said. 'He is the primordial mulch from which all cool in Manhattan sprang.'"

Somehow, combined with the YahooNews that Weird Al is "kind of a pop culture icon at this point," it feels like our world may be folding in on its own mockery of itself.

And this all comes as I'm contemplating what an "alternative" Christmas Eve service might look like.

I think it should be not so original: same story as every year, same songs, candle light for "Silent Night," and communion. Just what it needs to be.

I do not mean to suggest that Weird Al and Andy Warhol will tell me how to worship, but maybe they're reminding me that there's something rich about repetition, about redoing old things.


RevErikaG said...

So what would an alternative xmas service look like to you? I always thought blue xmas was more authentic...does an alternative xmas service happen around a dumpster (that was one idea someone shared with me a couple of years ago)....or does it mean really talking about and struggling with incarnation????? huh??? huh??!!???

molly said...

I don't know. I'm really struggling to give definitely about what we should do differently to lead worship in a different way on Christmas Eve. So far, I have:
-at a different, and very late, hour
-with acoustic guitar and solo melody instrument instead of pipe organ

I just can't give up our incredible sanctuary--since we have it, it seems crazy and wrong to not use it. It speaks so wonderfully about God.

And then there's the way Christmas Eve is one time when our traditions are wonderfully experiential--candle-lighting, singing, poetic readings, communion.

Or, of course, we could meet around a dumpster.

Maybe it's just being faithful to context.

My question is: what few words would you use to communicate what's special, ancient and fresh about Christmas Eve worship?

karen said...

Some words:

Enter into the Silent Night...
...and share the wonder-filled Christmas story with candlelight, carols and communion.