Saturday, May 02, 2009

new toys

What a weekend it's been--two exciting new toys for craft adventure.  :)

Matt tried the chainsaw jig we ordered to make it possible to mill the trees we've had to cut down on the property.  The potential uses of this gorgeous oak could fill my imagination for hours...  The first goal, though, is turning it into useful things.  Like balusters for the balcony railing.
And (I have no idea why it took me this long) I finally tried my hand at free-motion quilting.  With my new $5 darning foot, I've now reaching something like quilting perfection in finding a quilting technique that's fast, fun and doesn't require precision.  Oh, the joy!  Here's me in my pajamas, playing away this morning.  


karen said...

Time travel for quilting!

Time travel for planing!

2009 rocks (and so did 1889

Lea M. Booth said...

Hooray for not needing any blood clotting agents...

And here's to seeing the finished products!

feminist_mom said...

Looks like christmas at your house..... and a great fun style of quilting..... how do you do it? can you explain on your blog? love, mom

ps still gathering wools for my mountain of wool for feling to cut soon and share with friends.... and make small penny rugs i am thinking.... like tulips? i want to take a pic of Jane marie's felted basket at P winds... they are gorgeous.... i will see what i can do! She was jane dadey earlier and into fibers all her life.... also great sculptures made from twigs and branches.... and gourds painted with feathers!