Friday, October 03, 2008

a taste of fall

I was up in Julian today, and last weekend, too; even though San Diego's weather is mostly sunny and 80, it's possible to get a hint of real seasons by going uphill for an hour or so.
We've been working on a house up there for a long while now.  Today, I had some time to walk around a bit, and find some lovely signs of fall.
Last week, after a little work, I explored the joys of apple season, with my moms.  It was a beautiful (though a bit hot) clear day.  Tasty, too.
During some canning adventures earlier this year, a friend found a recipe for Swedish Apple Pie that I love.  It's fabulous with just-picked apples.  Really, it's as much like a giant, apple cookie as it is like a pie.  A pookie, perhaps?   I'd post a picture, but it didn't last long enough to catch in pixels.  Dad suggested that it might have been even better with some oats that he brought out from the family farm.  I'm confident that it would be fun to try.
The least-expected part of my fall days in Julian was the appearance of local belly dancers at the festival.  But hey: why not?!


goooooood girl said...
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feminist_mom said...

Love the pics of fall!! and I am off to get apples for making the swedish apple pie plus lettuce for fresh BLT's in NE... need to try the pie since i am swedish to boot!! And the pics of the house are GREAT with the crew working ---landfill deliveries, inside sweeping, weeding and now plumbing is coming!!..... peace, mom
PS entering my new phase!!

Krista S. Givens said...

i'm thinking what every harvest festival needs is a gaggle of belly-dancers...i mean, really...