Saturday, October 11, 2008

fruitful life

I didn't make a conscious decision to plant holy-sounding fruits in my garden, but this week's yield certainly does have that appeal.

Here's a bunch off my Praying Hands Banana, named because the bunches (called hands in banana-speak) look like hands held in prayer.
And passionfruits, named because the flowers reminded Spanish missionaries of Christ's passion.
Pretty good choices for the backyard of a preacher who images it to be here little promised land, in the spirit of Micah 4, complete with vines and fig trees, eh?
So far, I've mostly been freezing passionfruit juice, or dumping it into iced tea--but I'd be very keen on hearing of any favorite uses you have of either bananas or passionfruit.  Maybe there's a jar of passionfruit-banana jam in store for whoever can come up with the best idea...

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feminist_mom said...

did your passionfriut jam and jelly turn out? i guess you have to give me lessons in jelly making as i have only tried dandelion jelly many years ago and rhubarb jelly made with jello which is yummy. come to NE and you can make some as i have TWO rhubarbs still growing and it is not freeze last night as predicted! YEAH! love, mom