Tuesday, September 02, 2008

labor day creations

I spent part of my holiday weekend making stuff, inspired by my garden.  First came these cupcakes, which were really an excuse to use my first passionfruits in the kitchen.  That's a mango and passionfruit curd you see, right on top of a rich, dark chocolate ganache.  

"Ganache" and "curd" are new cooking vocabulary for me this year.  Exotic, eh?  I also put a little tangelo-pineapple marmalade into the yellow cake, for kicks, so this little guy could become an attempt at a 5-minute tropical getaway.  And, it's a getaway partly grown in local backyards: new heights in imaginary eco-tourism?
My adventure from yesterday involved playing with fruits and vegetables, exploring their printmaking possibilities.  Turns out I really dig the look of limes and onions as stamps.
Slowly, they're becoming napkins and placemats, I think.  I printed them onto pieces of an old duvet from the thrift store.
Here are the stamps I tried.  I wonder what else I could use out of the refrigerator...  


feminist_mom said...

Your cupcake with ganache looks yummy and likewise the stamping is very veggie! I can see it as altar cloths, skirts, bed sheets, curtains and capes! I did a tie dye cape once in olive greens and yellows and wish i still had it to show you!! Enjoy and i love the white stamping on blue..... very soothing indeed! Happy birthday matt in Iraq today too!!

DogBlogger said...

You're so creative! Love the stamped stuff!

Krista S. Givens said...

i heart your fabric designs! you could also make gift bags with that fabric.... :)