Thursday, September 04, 2008

jazz worship

I've been playing with ideas for how to name and promote jazz worship this November, and I came across this gem.  I couldn't resist posting.  It comes from here.

Several years ago, in my Bible study at the Rescue Mission, the women there talked me into going through Revelation with them.  One day, as we were beginning conversation about end-times, I asked how they thought we'd know if Jesus were coming.   I was imagining we'd have rich conversation about how to discern what's "real."

"There's gonna be trumpets," one woman said, without missing a beat.

I guess she didn't grow up in the church with the sign.

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feminist_mom said...

there's gonna be trumpets! sounds like a great theme... or There's gonna be jazz!! Sounds like the women from the rescue mission get it as usual when we listen to others! time for some oscar pederson jazz!! or how about -- what's the buzz?? have you heard of the new organ sensation Cameron carpenter? i guess he is on u tube and came to lincoln friday!