Saturday, November 17, 2007

messes and cleaning up

I decided it was finally time to try roasting the big, orange pumpkin that has been so much fun in my yard and on my step.  But when I cut into it, I found lots of sprouts!
I'm not sure whether sprouted pumpkin seeds mean problems for pumpkins or not, but this pumpkin didn't smell anything like I think pumpkins should smell.  (Not awful, or rotten--just sort of earthy and sprout-like...)  Ultimately, I decided that one of the butternut squashes from my garden would rather be roasted and made into soup.

And, while I wasn't scooping pumpkin bits into and out of the sink, I thought it'd be fun to try making soap.  Here's one of my first two batches: a honey-oat soap.

Unfortunately for me, I have to wait three more weeks to try it out and see if it's yummy to use.  Ah, the challenges of life.


Deb said...

Molly, this sounds like grand fun!! I love the soap....was it hard to do? I don't know if I could wait the 3 weeks though...that's way too much delay in the delayed gratification!!

molly said...

So far, I don't think the soap was hard. But, then, I haven't really gotten to try it out yet! :)

The threat of lye burning my hands and body is enough to convince me I really should wait the 3 weeks, too. Crazy how something that can, for a while, cause damage later becomes the giver of care for your skin.

If it all works out, I promise I'll post more details!

Marian said...

Wow! I've never seen seed spout inside a pumpkin. Weird. cool. The soap looks really neat.