Wednesday, November 21, 2007

the dangers of corn

While I've been concerned for a while about the state of our food and farm economy, and particularly troubled about the way our system encourages over-raising of corn, which provides an excess of useable grain, requires intensive chemical inputs, feeds the coffers of agri-business as the expense of small growers, destroys the fertility of our land, and does all of this by using government subsidies, today the dangers of corn seem to have come to new immediacy.

Apparently, an Iowa family has been injured and lost their home in an avalanche of corn, from a nearby storage bin.  Mounds of corn are dangerous is so many ways.

For more on mounds of corn, check out the new documentary, King Corn (see below). 

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feminist_mom said...

Yes i need to do a showing of KING CORN sometime soon.... too much corn when you are making gasoline out of it and building a pipeline to send it other places? what happened to rotating crops?? And less chemicals? seems so simple, mom