Tuesday, August 07, 2007

i heart tomatoes

for breakfast, lunch and dinner
in salsa, soup, salad and sauce
tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes!Not that you asked for it, I thought I'd share my tomato joy. It's joyous enough that I've been able to share with neighbors and friends. (I'm hoping that my sharing will prompt the neighbors across the street to want to share their Chinese water fruit with us, so we can try it... See, I have my motives.)

I'm rather enjoying this summer harvest (even if I am a bit disappointed with our zucchini's resistance to growing well, and if my flower bed looks fairly wretched and rather patchy...)

Here's what the vegetable garden looked like before camp, the last time I thought to take a picture when it was light out. The corn has grown considerably since then--this was July 13, I think.
I keep thinking these long summer days will give me time to do more projects around the house, during the week. Alas, so far, this has not been the case. By the time I get home from the church, I'm ready to just sit on the couch. I try to convince myself that, because I don't have a television to turn on, it's not that bad. But I spend a lot of time living vicariously through other more-active people's instructions for how to make cool crafts and revolutionary gardens.

Oh, and searching for the ideal colors for the exterior of our house.

If you lived in a neighborhood where you could--really--paint your house ANY color and it woudn't look out of place, what color would you paint a cute, little (and did I mention "little"?) wood-sided house built in the 1920's?


Krista Givens said...

I heart tomatoes too. Mom and Dad have had a great harvest this year... as well as herbs, cucumbers and lettuce. BTW I think you should paint a nice orange - why not? just because it would stand out a little? When has ever stopped you before. :)

RevErikaG said...

orange! I vote for orange!
and, I've decided that homegrown tomatoes are a true taste of God's kindom on earth...if we only looked to tomatoes....

Deb said...

Hey Molly, your crops still look good! I hope summer is treating you well. last year my folks had an excess of tomatoes and I ended up making tomato jam....it's awesome (though it definitely sounds strange)...if you decide you need some tomato alternatives, let me know....

karen said...

I am so grateful to get to share in your harvest!

I have to join the orange chorus on the house color. (If you called it pumkin would that make it more appealing to Matt?)

And I agree with Erika on homegrown tomatoes as a taste of God's kindom. I've thought that since the very first time I tasted one I grew myself.

Maybe we should add more taste-testing to worship. It could be a potluck -- What does God's kindom taste like to you, and everyone could share their tastes!

molly said...

I'm feeling like this week's taste (in worship) will be peaches.

In season and orange(ish).

Marian said...

How about orange with tourquoise windows?

Leah Sophia said...

Hi Molly--great pics and I fully heart garden tomatoes, too ;)

Hey, could you please send me an email? My email's on my blogger profile, but for a short intro, I'm living in North Clairemont, somewhat involved in a local PCUSA and an ELCA and looking for some additional ministry opps. Peace!