Sunday, July 01, 2007

Unable to resist a game of tag with my friend Erika, here are my answers to questions you didn't know you wanted to ask:

Four Jobs I've Had

-My first job was as a weaver for a friend of my mom's--first in her basement making denim rag rugs and handbags made out of denim rag rugs, and later at a living history museum in Nebraska where I got to live out my Little House on the Prairie fantasies.
-For a year, I was the accompanist for a children's choir at my church (back in the day)
-I worked as a summer camp counselor at Nerd Camp (they didn't really call it that) at Duke U
-Pastor (which is my present gig) at a United Methodist Church in San Diego

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
-Rubin and Ed (I know. You haven't seen it. It still makes me laugh, but I hope you won't decide if I'm cool or not by your opinion of it, should you ever find an old VHS copy and decide to watch it. It came at a formative time in my life...and I cannot resist saying many of the lines along with the movie)
-Moulin Rouge (with singing-along)

Four Places I've Lived
North Platte, Nebraska
Niamey, Niger
San Diego

Four Places I've Vacationed
Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado
the Big Island of Hawaii
Zion National Park in Utah
Palm Springs, CA

Four of my favorite dishes
Enchiladas Verdes (one shitake and one cheese) from Rancho's in San Diego
Bean and Cheese Burritos from any drive-thru in San Diego (a staple of my diet)
Apricot Salmon (a new dish in my attempt to eat locally-ish)
any good lasagna

Four Sites I Visit Daily
Common Dreams
Urban Dictionary (I love dictionaries of all sorts!)
Erika's blog

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now
-in bed (with the laundry done. Is that too much to ask? Man, that sounds old and boring.)
-in the mountains (any mountains will do), preferably in a comfy lounge chair from which I can see the big moon and the stars
-on the beach, listening to the waves (again, with comfy chair)
-in a better-stretched-out position on this very couch where I presently sit

Four people I'm tagging:

Vanessa (it's dangerous to tell me you read this thing)
my mom
(if I knew anyone else out there, other than my brother whose blog isn't given to such games, i'd tag them, too. ;))


RevErikaG said...

Thanks for PLAYING, Molly! I knew you'd put Rubin and Ed down...and I agree...I hope people don't judge your "coolness" based on this movie choice. Really, people should watch it WITH YOU for the full experience.
AND GOONIES! You know I LOVE GOONIES!That'd be fun to watch on yours and Matt's projector!

karen said...

I didn't know there was a way to watch Rubin and Ed EXCEPT with Molly!

One nod to Molly in my fave four post was the reference to Cripin Glover in the Biff video at the end.

In other posts, drove by your yard today after stopping by the produce market for lemons after CPE, but I didn't slow down enough to count the eleven edibles.

Sharron said...

Hey Molly,
Thanks for including me. It was fun to play. Do you still have your Rubin and Ed scrapbook?

Four Jobs I have had

• Worked at Disneyland for years during high school and college.
• Worked in a dime store for 75 cents an hour.
• Worked 30 years for Head Start in Orange County as a teacher, center director and Education Coordinator. I retired in April 2005 to move to Oregon to begin caring for my grandchildren.
• Present job is caring for my almost two year old grand daughter and sometimes her five year old brother. This is by far my favorite job.

Four Movies I can watch over and over

• Gone with the wind
• On Golden Pond
• Nemo and Cars (Even if I don't want to see it again.)
• I am not one to see many movies but ask me about books. I much prefer reading.

Four places I have lived

• Hollywood, CA
• Hacienda Heights, CA
• Garden Grove, CA
• Portland , Oregon

Four places I have vacationed

• Maui
• San Luis Obispo, CA
• Lancaster, PA
• Boston

Four favorite dishes

• Sweet and sour chicken
• Salmon and all fish
• Any breakfast food that is hot
• Pasta

Four sites I visit daily

• Internet
• Erika and Molly’s blogs
• Weather
• Oprah site where women over 62 meet daily and discuss life. It is interesting to talk to ladies all over the US and Canada and to hear about their lives. They are a very supportive group.

Four places I would rather be

• Maui
• Oregon coast
• San Diego
• Some place I would need a passport to visit

I am sure if anyone reads this you will notice I am not a pastor or young. I am a life time Methodist and have had the fortune to make friends with young pastors that are around my daughter’s age. I have always felt their pain and joy and have tried to be there for them. I am passionate about the changes the Methodist church needs to make to keep the young folks and to invite others to join us. Having Molly as a delegate to conference is a good step. I have found that in the Pacific Northwest, younger pastors are around but not very vocal. Shopping for a church was interesting. I turned down several because they were only traditional. The church I finally decided on has a 50 year old male pastor who is totally into youth. The church has an alternative worship service and that is the one I attend. The church I came from after over 50 years as a member was full of old grey folks and very little young folks. (50 and under!) This new church is a good variety of old folks, young families with children and young people. I am pleased with the mix but miss the ethnic diversity. My daughter and her partner are accepted by church members.
I got a little carried away but wanted you to know why I read Erika and Molly’s blogs and some of yours too. I miss both of them and our daily encounters. I hope you will allow me to be a part of your lives and include me when you need an older persons input.