Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday garden tour

I didn't have as much time to spend in my garden as I'd have liked today, but I did stop to enjoy it, just before sundown. Wanna come on a tour?
I picked the first tomatoes today--"Juliet" grape tomatoes. They were tasty. My challenge for the day was figuring out what to do with the rowdy Brandwine tomato that has outgrown its stake and made it fall over. Tonight, it's strung up with twine, tied to the fences. A little sketchy, but mmmmm, those tomatoes are gonna taste good!

And, as you can see, the corn is more-than-knee high, and it's only the first of July, so things are looking good. The chard won't stop growing. The squash and pumpkin are flowering and making fruits...

My surprise is the pot of calla lilies you can see way over on the left (just an edge in the top picture)--Matt planted the bulbs back before Iraq, when we were in the condo. The whole pot looked rather dead, but I decided it might be worth watering. And, by grace, it's in bloom!

Bonus points to anyone who can identify all the edible things growing here. (I counted 11, but I have some advantages. Like I know what I planted.)
The passionflowers on the fence keep blooming--I was afraid they'd quit by now. I like 'em because they don't like to show their faces in the morning any more that I do. (They're an afternoon-opening flower...)
The sunflowers are growing tall--this one's over six feet, and glorious-looking. I love sunflowers.
And, for kicks, I thought I'd throw a craft project (a little bit o' garden art) into the tour. Here's one of my recycled wine bottle lantern prototypes, hanging in the backyard. It's not glowing, but you can use your imagination...
Now I'm back to dehydrating things for our backpacking adventure...


Deb said...

I REALLY like the'd you make it???

molly said...

The lantern was fun to make, but required a little bit of help... My dear husband helped me cut the bottom off the bottle, using a tile-cutting wet saw. This worked amazingly well--better than my attempts at other bottle-cutting techniques I found online. Then, I got a bit washer that wouldn't fit thru the neck of the bottle, and wrapped a wire around it that I could then thread through the bottle neck for hanging it. And, I got the thickest gauge bare copper wire they sell at Home Depot, and bent it into the spiral shape, hooking the top around the washer, making a space to set a tealight inside, and making a spiral at the bottom. Copper is fun to bend. :)

(Thanks for asking.)