Sunday, May 06, 2007

garden impression

My crafty project for the week was making this concrete casting of a rhubarb leaf. (Not as tasty as pie, but it was fun to make...) I'm hoping it will hold water and be a sort of a birdbath. Plus, I'll always have a nice, big leaf in my garden.
I don't have any deep reflection on it.

I did, however, eat some tasty rainbow chard leaves out of the garden today. Matt first declared, "That isn't awful." Then, changed his opinion of sauteed chard to thinking it'd be fun to eat again.

I looked up the nutritional benefits of chard, and I think that if we eat a cup a day, we can definitely have ice cream, too.


karen said...

I think this rhubarb impression is swell and crafty and grand and all, and so is chard, for that matter, but when do we get the pie?! ;)

Orangeblossoms said...

OOh. Now I wanna do a fig leaf from the Man's backyard. Ooh. Crafty Good!

Marian said...

I have seen the birdbath and it IS Crafty Good indeed. And the rhubarb pie is WONDERFUL!