Friday, November 12, 2010

On the Camino Santiago, Day 3: Palais de Rei to Arzua

One of the delights of the Camino is how beautiful this part of the journey is: so often, we were walking through tunnels in the trees, shaded and enchanted by them. In the morning, we walked through trails made mysterious by misty fog; later we were especially grateful for the shade lent by the trees.
And, though the trail felt a bit crowded in the early morning when we'd all just set out for the day, it surprised me how quickly we spread out and the journey felt much more private.

This old stone bridge in Ribadiso was lovely--one of the many landmarks in the trail that serve as a reminder of just how many pilgrims have taken this path over so many years.

Just on the other side of the bridge, we paused for a little break by this horreo--a little stone granary like we saw so often along the hike.

As our days continued, we discovered that we grew a bit tired of ham sandwiches. And, that trail-side fruit stand were a truly beautiful thing. Here, we shared a basket of fresh berries. And they were delightful.

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