Saturday, December 05, 2009


I found this old Army wool blanket at a thrift store much earlier this year; it's been lying in my closet, waiting for a new life. This Christmas, it decided it would become stockings for some little ones I love.

I'm also excited that the bright orangey-red ric-rac I bought on a whim this summer has found it's place to shine.

Now I just get to imagine what Santa will add to these... That is, assuming my young friends are nice.

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feminist_mom said...

gorgeous stockings molly!! what a sweet thing for you to do! Does matt have a stocking at your place? just wondering and how about you? We might have to see if that sewing machine works in CO! i am thinking of trying a felted pouch for some pomegranate potpouri i found at joann's... i love the smell! Or a snowwoman or wonder now white flannel would work on a hooked rug! love the rick rack! we are trying neil young music with our new gift to each other!