Thursday, September 27, 2007


According to the Book of Discipline, a young adult is someone who is "approximately" 18-30 years of age. Which means that I am now, officially, young only in an approximate sense.

I do, however, give thanks for all 31 completed years, and for celebrations yesterday, which included cobbler, cake and a choco taco. (Plus a full moon, good company, and the rest of Weeds, Season 2. I'm hooked on Weeds, which is, I suppose, how a show about a drug is supposed to work. I should be glad it's not named for a more addictive substance. And, since we're never going to have Showtime, I'm attempting to cultivate patience as I wonder what will happen to dear, deep-in-trouble Nancy. It's all clever social commentary. And has that addictive "Little Boxes" song that Pete Seeger used to sing. I would not, however, recommend showing it to small children.)

My folks have been here this week. I just took Mom to the airport, and am working at my transition back to regular life. It's fun to show them my life, but, as one might guess, life is different when they're here. Oh, the impossibility!

My neighbors of the Garden Club have been coming by in search of access to a little piece of ground where they can plant whatever they want; I've been too busy to come out and play. Maybe tonight. Or tomorrow.


Orangeblossoms said...

Happy Birthday, Molly!

I am so glad that you exist to bring more beauty into the world.


Krista Givens said...

Happy Birthday to you, Mols!!! I miss you much

KristaBeth said...

Happy Birthday... from one not-quite-young adult to another. Althought I didn't get a chocotaco when I slipped into "average" adulthood!

Glad you had a good visit with your Mom. I talked to my Mom yesterday and your Mom beeped-in just after she landed in Nebraska.

feminist_mom said...

molly, enjoyed your phat juiced up house and door...banana trees, great flora and fauna... and did you go back for another choco taco?? That does look good!
Thanks mostly for your "pfat juiced up house-patility"... Weeds watching. i hope the ant houses are doing OK! Thanks for all the trips to "places" and spaces, seeing you all & friends in San Diego land! luv, mom ps krista A wrote!

Deb said...

Happy Birthday Molly! Glad you had such a wonderful celebration!