Monday, November 20, 2006

five things i'm still grateful for on monday

ok, so the revgal pal assignment was from last friday, but i had this crazy cold, and my head wasn't working.

here's what i'm grateful for today:
1. a loving husband who checks in on me, and when he can't get me on the phone, comes by in person
2. lettuce that's growing in my front yard garden, in spite of my ignorance about gardening
3. curiosity--today manifest in tangential online exploration only vaguely related to sermon preparation (Did you know that "Christ the King" Sunday didn't exist 'til Pope Pius XI made it a feast day in 1925? 1925, like when Mussolini was just in power...interesting time for Christ to be true King...)
4. friends, both far and near--especially the ones who are still fabulous to be with, even tho' our visits are way too few and far apart
5. my family, the folks i was born with and the ones i married into and the ones i chose who are as-good-as
(6. grace)

those are in no particular order. and i figure that if i'm late, i might as well blow the assignment and include a 6th.

1 comment:

the reverend mommy said...

I am very attached to number 6, myself!
Blessings on you this Thanksgiving Day!